Ordervision Studios

Ordervision Studios ("Ordervision") is an Art Collective, Print Shop, and Gallery, located in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYC. Ordervision seeks to assist and employ justice involved youth in the surrounding community with programs in the arts and nutrition.

“What can you do? Make art & see the world in a different way. Abstraction to Design.” —STATEMENT OF ORDER 1.4 

Youth participants intern at the Studio, and are mentored by Ordervision’s  “Youth Mentor program.” The mentorship program was created by Ordervision participants, giving them full ownership in the work they do.  The participants create and print their own designs on T-Shirts, Tote Bags and various apparel with Silk Screens. Photography, video, painting, and music are also provided through Ordervision’s outreach programs.

The participants sell the merchandise at local markets and out of Ordervision Studio’s retail shop located at 205 Beach 95th Street in Rockaway Beach, NY. In addition, Ordervision Studios has attained orders and accounts to produce T-Shirts for local businesses in the Rockaways. As a collective, participants and supervisors assist in completing orders and producing merchandise for the retail shop.

What You See Is What You Get. 

A Meditation on Art & the Impact of Intention.

Youth against the system.

We understand the importance of creating our own reality.

We've seen the system from multiple sides. We recognize the various ways it's designed to incarcerate physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise.

What can you do? Make art & see the world in a different way.

Abstraction to Design. Rikers to Ordervision.


Through the context of the system we see the power of the mind.

By channeling our experience into action, we see new possibilities for the future, made possible by the work of our hands.

Through art we can provide our own economic system and create meaningful work. 

The system effects us all. By investigating its nuisance we gain greater understanding. Whether ourselves, our brothers, sisters and neighbors... It's time we take control of our time, resources and minds.

Through intentional reflection and focused effort, we've used our gifts to manifest both abstract and representative works.


Art has the power to truly change the paradigm in our minds and our society. 

The system first grasps hold of the mind.

Thus art is the first step to regain control.

Together we can build a new reality.

OUR VISION OUR FUTURE.                   

 OrderVision Studios. 

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