Well known for her skills in stone, bronze and acrylic, Ailene Fields is both a sculptor and stone carving teacher. With underpinnings in her Lehman College degrees in English and Greek mythology, Fields often draws from mythos and legend for inspiration.

A self-taught potter, Ailene studied the human figure with Bruno Lucchesi in 1980 at the New School for Social Research in New York. She then furthered her skills at New York’s Sculpture Center. Having mastered the figure, Aliene then become proficient at both stone carving and sculpting for bronze casting in order to communicate her artistic vision. 

Often mixing stone with bronze, her sculptures highlight the essence of the subjects, most often in an optimistic and insightful manner. Her sculptures often feature animals, mythological figures and architectural elements in works evocative of dreams and magic calling forth the qualities that make us human.

Walt Whitman (Bronze) – Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts, Margate, NJ
It’s My Nature (Bronze) -- Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts, Margate, NJ
St. Francis of Assisi (Bronze) – Bethesda, MD
“Well Made in the USA” Award (Bronze) -- AFL/CIO, NJ  (Annual Award)
“J” Award (Bronze) – Jewish Community Center of Bensonhurst, NY  (Annual Award)
Distinguished Service Award (Silver)-- Independent Doctors of New York,NYC  (Annual)


1998   “Allegory: The Timeless Truth” - Bergen Museum of Art and Science, Paramus, NJ
1997 “Allegory: The Timeless Truth” - The Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL
1991 "Ailene Fields: Life Forms” - Bergen Museum of Art and Science, Paramus, NJ

2018-19   “Sacred Spaces” - Leo House, NYC
2018 “Baba Yaga Eats” – Six Summit Gallery, NYC
2017 “A Plea For Sanity” – Six Summit Gallery, NYC
2009  “Out of the Nowhere…Into the Here” - CFM Gallery, NYC
2000 "Ailene Fields, Fairy Tales” - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts, Margate, NJ
1999 “Allegory: The Timeless Truth” - Ocean County Art Center, Tom’s River, NJ
1999 “Once Upon a Time” - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts, Margate, NJ
1996  “It’s All Elves” – New York Academy of Sciences, NYC
1996 "Ailene Fields" - Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst, NC

 “Magic” - The Gallery, Chase Manhattan, NYC

“Twelve Months” - Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, VT


"Ailene Fields " - Roslyn Sailor Fine Arts, Margate, NJ


"Dragons" - Pendragon Gallery, Annapolis, MD

"Ailene Fields Myths & Legends” - White Lights Gallery, Nyack, NY

"Ailene Fields” - Barbara DeBetz Gallery, NYC


“Fantasy/Reality” - Lavaggi Gallery, NYC

2011   Out of the Nowhere Into the Here (175 pages)