Alberto de Meneses (1969) -- Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Alberto de Meneses is an autodidact who traveled and learned from west to east and back again. He absorbed his fundamental artistic influences from the streets and the people who live in them in New York,  San Francisco, London, Paris, Hawaii, India. Miami Beach and points in between.

His exploits move him to create compositions possessing the warmth and energy of the colors of the world along with impressions of the soul, spirit and harmony inherent in the “oṃ śānti om” of India in which he grounds much of his work. Expressing the journey of his own past, present and future in his art, Alberto attempts to share the peace in body, peace in mind, and peace in spirit inherent in the om. This often compels him to undertake religious themes which have sprung of life from within his own experience, a self-referential mixing of the influences of east and west.

Alberto discerns an individual energy within each of his subjects which dictates the colors and the visual paradox between light and darkness at the heart of the piece. He strives to have the viewer not see through his eyes but to consume each of his works through the prism of their own awareness. He often works to reveal the positive side, the hidden humor of our existence, all the while not allowing the viewer to forget the underlying uncertainties of our lives.

​Filled with the consequence of art as a cornerstone of polity, Alberto’s work has seen him exemplified by others as a “Pintor del Primer Mundo.” His creative influence might be stated as simply as “Art as it is. Art as it was. Art as it will continue to be.”  Considered by others as “the divine painter,” Alberto de Meneses strives through his work to bring the totality of both the sacred and the profane alive in a solitary moment in time.

Now working and living in Miami Beach, Alberto speaks Spanish, English, and French.

"No me importa la firma. Yo no soy tan importante, la obra es más importante que yo, por eso firmo detrás. (I don't care about the signature. I'm not that important, the painting is more important than I am. That's why I sign them on the back.)"  -Alberto de Meneses