My art is influenced by the western culture fused with the Caribbean culture, mainly the Dominican one, highlighting its popular aspect. I propose to approach the treatment of my themes through the silhouette, from a complex perspective of the identity, thus confirming an iconic status, where the objects participate in a non-linear narration with other images, marks and symbols that coexist in an ambiguous space.

Hector Ledesma (b. 1967), received his training during the years 1989-94 between Santo Domingo and Madrid. He began his art studies at the National School of Fine Arts and APEC University, which he soon left to focus exclusively on painting. In 1992 he attended the design school of Altos de Chavón to study for a summer, sponsored by Carlos Santos Duran. Hector studied in the workshops given by Alberto Bass and Guillo Perez. He lived in Madrid between 1992 and 1997, where he studied in the Fine Arts circle, Madrid, in the Art Actual workshops taught by Mati Klarwein, Zush (Evru), and Herminio Molero and artistic screen printing in the workshop of El Elefante Rojo, Madrid.

Works by Hector Ledesma live in private and public collections such as the “Volunteering of the Royal Houses of Santo Domingo” and the City Hall of Madrid. His works are also found in corporate collections in Madrid, New York, San Juan, Panama City, Miami and Santo Domingo.


 2019 "Danza de Monarcas" ESP Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2017 "Everything under the TrumP Era, Galeria de arte Francisco Nader, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dominican Trancender”, Centro Cultural Mirador Norte, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“Héctor Ledesma” Geba Art Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia


“Endémic” Galería de Arte Berri, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


"Portrait“” Centro Domínico Alemán, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“Enjoy the Silence” Museo de Las Casa Reales, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Urban Living Studio, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Montreal Art Expo, Montreal, Canada

“Solo” New York Art Expo, New York, New York, USA



“La Celebración de Cristo” Galería Francisco Nader, Arte Latino Americano, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“Ecocaribe”, Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“Caribbean Queen” Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Obras Recientes” Centro de la Cultura Señorita Ercilia Pepín, Sala Yoryi Morel, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic


“Dos Tiempos” Galería de Arte Francisco Nader, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


“Dos Tiempos” Asociación de Española de Pintores y Escultores,Madrid, Spain

1994 “Cronología” Galería de Arte Jacomart, Madrid, Spain
1992 “Deforestación y Medio Ambiente”, Galería de Arte Don Diego, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic





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